Absolutely Magic Entertainment: Ken and Brian Smith

Ken Smith hails from Pittsburgh, where he started in magic at a talent show where he blew it; actually, the opposite is the case. The hollow cigar was supposed to produce a big puff of smoke as he blew it into a match, but he nervously inhaled the powder into his mouth, lost his voice and botched his next two tricks! After the show, several people told Ken how neat it was that he looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. Thus began his lifelong passion for magic, and he can always be found with a deck of cards or children’s magic at a moment’s notice.

Brian Smith hails from Baltimore and likewise got into magic at a talent show, where he walked on a bed of nails – much to the surprise of his mother, who was sitting in the audience, unaware of what her son would be doing! A storyteller with a quick wit, Brian enjoys interacting with audiences and making magic happen right in the hands of volunteers. Though he dreams of stage illusions, Brian’s passion includes magic with ordinary objects and close-up or “street magic.” His favorite question is “How does he do that?”